Over-wintering-roses in vietnam ceramic planters

A lot of the newer (and older), smaller roses are great for growing in vietnam ceramic planters on your patio, deck or even out in your garden.  I’ve always felt they look terrific with plants like herbs spilling out the sides.


But if you live in a climate that gets a real winter what do you with the vietnam ceramic planters and the rose when those cold north winds come blowing through?  If you leave the rose outside it will likely die from the cold, but since roses need full sun you can’t bring it inside.  Or can you?


Yes, you can and you should.  During winter a rose is totally dormant and because of this it doesn’t matter if it’s in the sun or not.  Now, I don’t advocate shutting it in a dark closet, but a non-heated room with some natural light is perfect.  Like a garage near a window.

Why unheated?

Because you want the rose to stay dormant during winter and placing it in a heated room will wake it up.  And once woken up it will need sunshine and since it’s too cold to put the rose outside….. well, you get the picture.

Simply wait for the rose to go naturally dormant and when that first deep freeze is forecast, like 25 F (-4 C) or below, go ahead and bring it inside.  Once inside don’t let the soil dry out but don’t water it regularly either.  Since the rose is dormant it won’t be taking up water.  Just make sure the soil remains slightly moist and you’ll be fine


Come spring when the rose starts to wake up take it back outside.  If you get an unexpected late spring freeze bring it back inside or just throw a blanket over it.

Roses in vietnam ceramic planters are a wonderful sight in any garden and even if you live in a cold climate keeping them for years to come is a snap.


Ceramic Planter Round Brown Pot

With its handsome woven design, this planter looks good indoors and out. It’s available in a number of sizes and attractive colors to fit your plant’s needs and your unique style and is well-made of durable plastic to be able to withstand the elements. Its Ceramic Planter Round Brown Pot  finish ensures it will stay colorful for years to come. We know how important it is to have a little extra green in your life and this is just the planter you need to keep life thriving.

Ceramic Planter Round Brown Pot
Ceramic Planter Round Brown Pot

Dimension : 30×26

Material Vietnam Ceramic planter

Shape Round

Brand: Hoang pottery

Usage: Indoor , Outdoor

Why not brighten up your balcony by hanging a traditional Vietnam round outdoor ceramic planter over the rail? It will look wonderful filled with flowers. It is the ideal shape and size to create an eye-catching vibrant display of colour and also looks good hanging from railings or garden fences.

Made from lightweight durable plastic, it comprises of a trough and metal holder. Please note, the image shows the trough standing on a drip tray which is not included. Please see the extra image for a closer look at the actual item

I bought three and they hold many bulbs for next year. Because they are up out of the way of the floor creatures im sure they will be safe. They look great in the ceramic pot and not the light green shown in the brochure. Im thrilled with them and later bought one more. Great value for the money sturdy and im sure robust. Cant beat plastic against terracotta as these wont split open with the frost. I will send pictures when my bulbs sprout so they can be seen in all their glory.

The Round outdoor glazed ceramic pot are not only durable but a beautiful addition to decorate any indoor or outdoor space. The self-watering system makes this planter perfect for those who are busy or travel a lot. I know that this planter will last for years. The presentation (box) the product comes in is high quality and I wouldn’t hesitate to send as a gift. I would recommend any of the Lechuza Self-Watering planters to anyone