Thrillers-fillers-spillers in large ceramic outdoor pots

One of my favorite garden pastimes is cooking up new ideas for planting containers. I’ve never bothered to count just how many large ceramic outdoor pots I plant each year, but the number easily tops 100.

But no matter how many large ceramic outdoor pots I display, I’ve come to realize there’s no mystery in making a scrumptious container planting as long as I follow a simple three-ingredient recipe. First and foremost is what I call a “thriller,” a centerpiece plant with star quality, something big, bold, and beautiful. Then I add a few spicy “fillers,” foliage or flowering plants that will complement but not overwhelm the main player. Finally, I add a savory splash of mischief, a “spiller” that just tumbles out of the pot. As long as I use each of those kinds of plants—in various proportions—and take care to balance colors and textures, I can create a pot with pizzazz.


Thrillers work best in compositions where they are the tallest plant. For me, they are also the starting point in a container design. I select my thriller, then build around it. At planting time, the thriller goes in the center of a large ceramic outdoor pots that will be viewed from all sides or at the back of a pot that will be displayed in a corner or against a wall.

When planting a large ceramic outdoor pots, I position my fillers around the thriller. I often use a mix of plants for this job: some with foliar interest, others with flowers. For flowery fillers, I avoid perennial varieties in favor of uncommon, striking annuals or tender perennials for their much longer flowering season. Since the goal of container plants is to attract the eye, these plants add an alluring unusual flavor. I like bountiful-looking containers, so I cram in as many fillers as I can.

glazed ceramic garden pot
glazed ceramic garden pot

Spillers should do more than soften a pot and link it to its place. Well-chosen spillers continue the dialogue begun by the thriller and filler. To deepen that conversation, I look for spillers that echo or contrast with the pot’s other plants by virtue of shape, color, or texture.


Contemporary Square Ceramic Decoration Pot

Choose the best place to plant your garden with the Contemporary Square Ceramic Decoration Pot in.. Crafted from beautiful and durable wood with strong and sturdy legs, this planting bed allows you to grow your favorite plants in nutrient rich soil and also gives you options on the best place to plant your garden. Plant your own salsa garden with the Contemporary Square Ceramic Decoration Pot in. with cilantro, green onions and red peppers. Great for yards and areas with little or no soil, you’ll love growing your favorite flowers and vegetables.

vietnam big glazed ceramic pot
vietnam big glazed ceramic pot

Dimension : 30×26

Color: White

Material Vietnam Ceramic planter

Shape: Square

Brand: Hoang pottery

Usage: Indoor , Outdoor
This Vietnam glazed ceramic flower pot is a delightful hexagonal planter nestles five matching pots and is just perfect for growing your own herb garden. You can grow all your own herbs for cooking, in this charming honeycomb arrangement and have them ready to eat all year long.

You will also be helping the planet as these planters are manufactured from high quality glazed ceramic planter managed forests.

The herb wheel has a base and it takes 50 litres of compost to fill to the top.

As a relative newby to the gardening scene, I am easily excited, but my herb wheel is the best thing of all my purchases. It looks amazing, real quality wood and so easy to plant up, with adequate drainage in each section. This hexagonal beauty really stands out on the patio – it makes me want to have a garden party immediately! When my order 1st arrive I only got one section of the herb wheel but customer services were excellent and I soon after received the full set. I’d say it’s a must for anyone wanting to start their own little herb garden and love that each section is independent.

Large outdoor ceramic pot

 With a wide range of outdoors ceramic planter design, we can provide just about anything a customer could request. Our planters will make your garden more beautiful and provide you with a justifiable sense of accomplishment.

large  -Outdoor-glazed-ceramic-pot        large  -Outdoor-glazed-ceramic-pot    large  -Outdoor-glazed-ceramic-pot

          LARGE F001 SET/2                                    LARGE F002                                       LARGE F003
        55d x 72h – 36d x 50h                                   55d x 110h                                           62d x 86h

large  -Outdoor-glazed-ceramic-pot            large  -Outdoor-glazed-ceramic-pot large  -Outdoor-glazed-ceramic-pot

            LARGE F004 SET/4                               LARGE F005 SET/2                             LARGE F006 SET/2
          92d x 77h – 70d x 66h                            76d x 70h – 50d x 49h                                  65d x 110h 
           52d x 49h – 35d x 33h                                                                                      51d x 90h – 31d x 58h              arge  -Outdoor-glazed-ceramic-pot   arge  -Outdoor-glazed-ceramic-pot
              LARGE F007 SET/3                                     LARGE F008                              LARGE F009 SET/2

            42d x 38h – 32d x 29h                                     70d x 95h                               60d x 70h – 42d x 50h

 Here is a representative sample of our large ceramic outdoor pots  collection. Download our catalog for a more comprehensive selection. If you would like pricing for a custom design, visit “Contact us” or visit section and submit details.