Its never too cold containers

Evergreen boughs, interesting pods and cones, and colorful stems and berries are just some of the botanical materials you can weave into a tall ceramic pots for plants design. If you are fortunate enough to live in a warm part of the country, living plants are also an option. In regions where freezing temperatures are the norm, gardeners should be aware that the living selections available to them, such as conifers and hardy boxwood, will contribute to big outdoor ceramic planters aesthetics but may not survive winter; extreme temperature changes are often too harsh for their sensitive roots.

christmas pots
christmas pots

If a material looks good and stands up to winter weather, why not reuse it from year to year? The reusable red bamboo poles in this pot offer a strong vertical accent, while living variegated boxwood provides more verticality and a striking backdrop.

ceramic pot
ceramic pot


Tall, bold gestures such as these are especially important in winter designs. People aren’t as likely to stop and linger when the weather is blustery, so designs need to read well from a distance. For this tall ceramic pots for plants, I wrapped dried magnolia leaves around African knobs (available at dried-flower retailers). Reconstructing natural materials and arranging them in clusters is another great way to make designs pop.

As a rule, more variety equals more impact. When designing tall ceramic pots for plants, use this to your advantage. Although there is a plethora of textures in this combination, similar forms unify them. Moss-covered orbs, poppy pods, and African knobs dot the horizontal plane, while cinnamon sticks, pheasant feathers, and whitewashed cacao stems add height. The simple vintage wooden rice bucket grounds the combo. In cold climates, keep wooden containers out of the elements as wood cracks after repeated freezing and thawing.

winter pot
winter pot

Look to the colorful glazes and decorative etchings on tall ceramic pots for plants as a source of inspiration. The detailed carving on this container draws the eye up to the planting, while the mahogany-stained kuwa stems and black-spruce boughs continue the progression up and out. Luckily, creating winter containers doesn’t have to mean gardening in frigid temperatures. For this container, I filled a plastic grower’s pot with potting soil and arranged the planting indoors. Once I finished the design, I brought it outside and slipped it into my decorative container. This durable granite pot won’t crack in winter, but buyers beware: Once you put it in place, you won’t be able to move it until spring thaw.


How to ceramic pot up a lush container

Cover the drainage holes with a mesh screen to prevent them from clogging and to keep soil from washing through onto your patio or deck.

Fill the ceramic pot with soil up to a few inches from the top using a top-quality, all-purpose potting mix. This will leave room for the bulk of your plants’ existing root-balls and soil. Add more soil if your plants are in small nursery pots.

Add slow-release fertilizer to the top of the soil. Using your fingers or a trowel, thoroughly and evenly work the fertilizer into the soil to a depth of 6 to 8 inches. Pack the soil and fertilizer mixture gently into the big ceramic pot with your hands, making sure there are no voids.

Plant large plants first, adding smaller plants as you move out toward the edges of the glazed pot. Fill in with soil as you go, making sure not to cover the tops of the roots with more than half an inch of soil.

Water the container slowly, with your sprayer set to a gentle shower, for up to 10 minutes to allow the new soil to absorb the water properly. You can stop watering when the water is flowing freely out of the container’s drainage holes.

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Using Perennials in glazed ceramic pots  

When presented with the estimate for the list of annuals for containers on her terrace, my customer lamented, “It seems like so much money to spend on plants that will be thrown away at the end of the summer.” Aiming to please, I decided to experiment with perennials that could be used in ceramic planters and later transferred to the garden.


Before this, I hadn’t tried planting perennials in containers. At first, visions of flopping plants and pathetic foliage flashed through my head. What was I going to do about the fact that most perennials only bloom for about a month? I began looking through plant catalogs with a few requirements in mind.

First, I didn’t want anything that had to be staked or fussed with. Then I looked for plants with interesting textures and colorful foliage. Finally, I wanted to be able to reuse these plants in the garden. Some of the plants had to be able to withstand the relentless heat and sun of a southwestern exposure. Others needed to flourish in the shady conditions of the north side of the house. The ceramic planters needed to be planted by mid-May and still look good by the end of the summer.

My choices for that first season were a bit cautious, but they were successful. For the sunny side, I chose groupings of fountain grass, tickseed, tricolor sage, and aster. Because I planted in early May, I decided to use the annual white alyssum to spill out over the edge of the ceramic planters, to give it interest until the perennials kicked in. On the shady side, I used ‘Frances Williams’ hosta, bleeding heart, and spotted deadnettle, with the annual blue lobelia as an edging.

By the time I had finished, the containers looked respectably full, although a bit quiet. By mid-June, the perennials were so full that they almost covered up the alyssum and lobelia on the edges. The foliage colors of the hosta and lamium were cool and soothing on the shady refuge of the north-facing terrace, and the flowers and foliage of the bleeding heart lasted well into early fall. The tickseed beamed its pale yellow lights starting in July and was a handsome companion to the fountain grass. In August, when most ceramic planters are looking weary, mine were fresh and lively.


The perennial containers were much easier to care for than their annual counterparts. They required far less deadheading and deadleafing than annuals do. I was able to water them less often, and they didn’t get that tired look that annuals have around Labor Day. Also, I enjoyed watching the transition of the plants’ growth throughout the season. This was a great way to experiment with new plants. I had all summer to note their habits and changes and to decide where and how I wanted to use them in the garden.

I emptied the containers in October. Even though they still looked pretty good, I wanted the plants to have a chance to acclimate to the garden before the cold weather arrived. I carefully lifted the plants out using my trowel and hands. Some plants had grown quite a bit, so I divided them—an added bonus. I went around the garden with my “leftovers,” tucking them into all the bare areas. Some plants didn’t fit into the existing garden scheme just then, so I put them aside into a holding bed for the following year. I treated them all as new perennials, watering them in well and covering them with evergreen boughs after the ground froze to protect them from heaving.

Originally, I had planned for my containers to be at their peak in August and September, but experimenting with perennials over the years has shown me that I can have a palette of color and texture that changes throughout the season. The garden benefits from my regular fall infusions of plants, and having extra plants around is also great if I feel like starting a new project. When I’m planting new containers in spring and I need extra material, I can just go dig it out of a bed or divide an existing perennial. And best of all, as I pointed out to my client, we get two different uses out of the same plant. That’s garden synergy at its best.

Best Seller Glazed French Urn

Best Seller Glazed French Urn

Best Seller Glazed French Urn
Best Seller Glazed French Urn

Simple, stylish and excellent value for money, this Best Seller Glazed French Urn will allow you to create a stunning focal point in your garden or home.

Dimensions & Specifications

Brand: Hoang pottery

Dimensions: 65×70 45×52

Material: Vietnam Outdoor glazed ceramic pot

Shape: Square

Weight: 6 lbs., 23 lbs., 12 lbs.

Set of 2

Hand-woven of strands of Weatherwise flat resin wicker

Features a black color for versatile use

Rust-proof, powder-coated aluminum frame

Lightweight construction offers easy maneuvering

Made using durable plastic, both Planters have a pewter, glazed effect finish and are round in design. Easy to manoeuvre, you will have no end of options when deciding what to put in them; locate them near an entrance or in the corners of your garden – the opportunties are vast.

Whether your plants need an indoor or outdoor lifestyle, this planter is ready to go. It has an attractive contemporary design and comes in your choice of color to fit your style needs and size options to match your planting requirements. The included self-watering system makes maintenance a breeze and the removable liner simplifies planting and rooting. So enjoy the company of your plants for years to come with this attractive planter at your service.

We stand behind all the products we sell, and your satisfaction is our top priority. Hoang pottery Products has developed a reputation as one of the leading manufacturers of unique products for the home and garden. They are committed to designing and producing great looking products with undeniable consumer value. They are constantly working on new and innovative products to enhance your home or business. Hoang pottery Oudoor glazed ceramic products cares about your health and the environment. They are proud to say that they do not use lead-based paints or finishes on any of their products.


Contemporary Square Ceramic Decoration Pot

Choose the best place to plant your garden with the Contemporary Square Ceramic Decoration Pot in.. Crafted from beautiful and durable wood with strong and sturdy legs, this planting bed allows you to grow your favorite plants in nutrient rich soil and also gives you options on the best place to plant your garden. Plant your own salsa garden with the Contemporary Square Ceramic Decoration Pot in. with cilantro, green onions and red peppers. Great for yards and areas with little or no soil, you’ll love growing your favorite flowers and vegetables.

vietnam big glazed ceramic pot
vietnam big glazed ceramic pot

Dimension : 30×26

Color: White

Material Vietnam Ceramic planter

Shape: Square

Brand: Hoang pottery

Usage: Indoor , Outdoor
This Vietnam glazed ceramic flower pot is a delightful hexagonal planter nestles five matching pots and is just perfect for growing your own herb garden. You can grow all your own herbs for cooking, in this charming honeycomb arrangement and have them ready to eat all year long.

You will also be helping the planet as these planters are manufactured from high quality glazed ceramic planter managed forests.

The herb wheel has a base and it takes 50 litres of compost to fill to the top.

As a relative newby to the gardening scene, I am easily excited, but my herb wheel is the best thing of all my purchases. It looks amazing, real quality wood and so easy to plant up, with adequate drainage in each section. This hexagonal beauty really stands out on the patio – it makes me want to have a garden party immediately! When my order 1st arrive I only got one section of the herb wheel but customer services were excellent and I soon after received the full set. I’d say it’s a must for anyone wanting to start their own little herb garden and love that each section is independent.

Large outdoor ceramic pot

 With a wide range of outdoors ceramic planter design, we can provide just about anything a customer could request. Our planters will make your garden more beautiful and provide you with a justifiable sense of accomplishment.

large  -Outdoor-glazed-ceramic-pot        large  -Outdoor-glazed-ceramic-pot    large  -Outdoor-glazed-ceramic-pot

          LARGE F001 SET/2                                    LARGE F002                                       LARGE F003
        55d x 72h – 36d x 50h                                   55d x 110h                                           62d x 86h

large  -Outdoor-glazed-ceramic-pot            large  -Outdoor-glazed-ceramic-pot large  -Outdoor-glazed-ceramic-pot

            LARGE F004 SET/4                               LARGE F005 SET/2                             LARGE F006 SET/2
          92d x 77h – 70d x 66h                            76d x 70h – 50d x 49h                                  65d x 110h 
           52d x 49h – 35d x 33h                                                                                      51d x 90h – 31d x 58h              arge  -Outdoor-glazed-ceramic-pot   arge  -Outdoor-glazed-ceramic-pot
              LARGE F007 SET/3                                     LARGE F008                              LARGE F009 SET/2

            42d x 38h – 32d x 29h                                     70d x 95h                               60d x 70h – 42d x 50h

 Here is a representative sample of our large ceramic outdoor pots  collection. Download our catalog for a more comprehensive selection. If you would like pricing for a custom design, visit “Contact us” or visit section and submit details.