Best Seller Glazed French Urn

Best Seller Glazed French Urn

Best Seller Glazed French Urn
Best Seller Glazed French Urn

Simple, stylish and excellent value for money, this Best Seller Glazed French Urn will allow you to create a stunning focal point in your garden or home.

Dimensions & Specifications

Brand: Hoang pottery

Dimensions: 65×70 45×52

Material: Vietnam Outdoor glazed ceramic pot

Shape: Square

Weight: 6 lbs., 23 lbs., 12 lbs.

Set of 2

Hand-woven of strands of Weatherwise flat resin wicker

Features a black color for versatile use

Rust-proof, powder-coated aluminum frame

Lightweight construction offers easy maneuvering

Made using durable plastic, both Planters have a pewter, glazed effect finish and are round in design. Easy to manoeuvre, you will have no end of options when deciding what to put in them; locate them near an entrance or in the corners of your garden – the opportunties are vast.

Whether your plants need an indoor or outdoor lifestyle, this planter is ready to go. It has an attractive contemporary design and comes in your choice of color to fit your style needs and size options to match your planting requirements. The included self-watering system makes maintenance a breeze and the removable liner simplifies planting and rooting. So enjoy the company of your plants for years to come with this attractive planter at your service.

We stand behind all the products we sell, and your satisfaction is our top priority. Hoang pottery Products has developed a reputation as one of the leading manufacturers of unique products for the home and garden. They are committed to designing and producing great looking products with undeniable consumer value. They are constantly working on new and innovative products to enhance your home or business. Hoang pottery Oudoor glazed ceramic products cares about your health and the environment. They are proud to say that they do not use lead-based paints or finishes on any of their products.



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