Tall Round Glazed Ceramic Pot

Create a garden even if your don’t have great soil with the.Tall Round Glazed Ceramic Pot. Crafted from beautiful and durable wood with strong and sturdy legs, this planting bed allows you to grow your favorite plants in nutrient-rich soil and also gives you options on the best place to plant your garden.  Plant your own Tea Garden with the Tall Round Glazed Ceramic Pot 55×120 with mint, lavendar, and bee balm.  Great for smaller yards and areas with little or no soil, you’ll love growing your favorite flowers and vegetables.

viet nam ceramic pot
viet nam ceramic pot

Dimension : 55×120

Color: White

Material Vietnam Outdoor glazed Ceramic planter

Shape: Square

Brand: Hoang pottery

Perfect to showcase your plants, this attractive and stylish Tall Glazed Ceramic Pot looks great indoors or outdoors.

We are disappointed that this item has been discontinued We purchased four and are extremely pleased with them and had intended to purchase more They are a very worthy planter product.

These are a nice size for our patio Putting a few stones in the bottom and a layer after the compost helps to keep them stable They look good and Im going to buy a couple more.

Bought 2 of these a couple of weeks ago I have already been given wonderful comments by my neighbours Well worth the price and delivery was great.

Look great, but are very light so make sure you weight them down – especially in the windy weather!

Visit us for more Outdoor ceramic pot!


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