Tall Decoration Glazed Ceramic Pot

Dress up your balcony, windowsill, or exterior wall with the Tall Decoration Glazed Ceramic Pot, a self-sufficient planter ideal for people who travel away from home or are just too busy to tend to plants. Featuring two or three removable liners, this mountable planter is equipped with a self-watering system that gives each plant just the right amount of water and nutrients it needs for beautiful growth. Once the irrigation system is set up properly, you can let your plants thrive alone for one or more weeks at a time, depending on the size of the plant.


Vietnam outdoor ceramic pot
Vietnam outdoor ceramic pot

This weather-resistant ceramic glazed planter mounts easily to balcony or deck rails, windowsills, and even a wall. The brackets are hidden underneath the planter and attach carefully to the rail or surface with soft, belt-like bands that prevent scratches and ensure a secure hold. Made of wicker-like woven polypropylene resin, this UV- and impact-resistant planter comes in your choice of sizes and colors to suit your indoor or outdoor living space. The removable liners with integrated handles make it easy to move your plants inside or outside for watering, replanting, root-trimming, and overwintering.

This Tall Decoration Glazed Ceramic Pot are barrel-shaped and will look wonderful overflowing with colourful flowers placed near a driveway or on your patio.

A wonderful set of planters that will have you wanting to grow flowers all year long. The grain and texture of wood, bound by hoops give them an antique look.

You will also be helping the planet as these planters are manufactured from high quality outdoor glazed ceramic pot managed forests.



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