Trough ceramic planter

I had been trying to find a trough planter that I could place on our new patio to help hide our unsightly electric box. I searched all the surrounding landscaping places, but was unsuccessful finding andything even close to what I was wanting. Hoang pottery trough ceramic planter ilooks attractive with the gray stone of my patio and when planted with some tall grass does a good job of averting one’s eye from the electric box. I love the straight and clean lines making it look very classic. All planters that I looked at in this size were similarly priced.


The classic design of this trough planter will grace any garden or patio with style. It benefits from an authentic looking earthenware finish that will blend beautifully into natural surroundings. The clean lines and simple design will complement both traditional and contemporary settings. Subtle, stylish and effective at creating a beautiful feature that will create maximum impact when populated with topiary, architectural plants or exotic blooms.

Have the look of trough ceramic planters. Long-lasting beauty, durability and quality. Built-in water reservoir encourages healthy plant growth by allowing plants to practically water themselves.

Hoang Pottery Company  has more than 20 years of experience in producing ceramic, terracotta & black-clay planters for both indoor & outdoor use. Specializing in glazed, painted, mosaic, sandblast, rustic and old stone ceramic planters. We also developed a wide range of terrazzo, zinc and polystone planters to meet the needs of various markets in the world. With a competitive price and stable quality and high assurance are also our strength points. Hoang Pottery Company has been well known and has had more and more customers from different markets in the world. Inheriting experiences from predecessors, we have a deep knowledge and wide experience in producing ceramic products. Moreover, we also have abilities to create wide ranges of diversity of skillful products.


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