Vietnam camilla jumbo ribbed glazed pot

Perfect for smaller gardens or patios, the Vietnam Camilla jumbo ribbed glazed pot is a unique way to add interest and beauty to your outdoor decor. This lovely, cast stone accent piece has a wide variety of uses. Add polished stones, seashells, or tiny flowering plants to create a unique focal point on your patio or side table.


Camilla Jumbo Ribbed Glazed Pots are the tallest Glazed pots that we stock, they make a statement even when they don’t have a plant in them. Suitable for upright plants where height is needed or just as suitable for a weeping plant. Not suitable however  for upright plants in a very windy position.


Size                           90cm Tall x 40cm Wide

63cm Tall x 30cm Wide

Color                        Antique; Aqua; Blue

Material                   Ceramic

Shape                       Round

Brand                        Hoang pottery

Usage                        Indoor , Outdoor

This designer glazed pot is made out of fully glazed ceramic and it is the perfect vessel to show off your single stems.  With this ceramic Camilla jumbo ribbed glazed pot you can design your own arrangement.  This pot even looks great with no flowers at all.  The pot are attached separately to the base so you can portion out water as you see fit.

Hoang Pottery Ltd is one of Vietnamese export companies in the field of ceramics, pottery, and relevant handicrafts as well. Fully priding ourselves in our skilled sourcing of the finest raw materials and our utmost attention to the top quality of our craftsmanship, we are focusing on our prospective transactions with multiple customers all over the world upon our product exclusivity originated from the natural materials in Vietnam.

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