The Vietnam concave glazed ceramic pot is a lovely planter that will bring a charming addition to your garden setting. This small oblong planter will make a wonderful home for your succulents, herbs, or other small plants and flowers. The simple style ensures that this tasteful planter will fit into any type of decor.


Very practical pot that comes in a nice range of colours. Because of its shape its easier to get plants out of the pot for repotting. A simple pot but one with style. Suitable indoor and outdoor. We have a range of saucers that fit these pots.


Size                                39cm Tall x 45cm Wide

31cm Tall x 36cm Wide

24cm Tall x 26cm Wide

18cm Tall x 19cm Wide

Color                             Antique; Aqua; Bright Red

Material                       Ceramic

Shape                           Round

Brand                            Hoang pottery

Usage                             Indoor , Outdoor

This ceramic pot shows a bit of old world charm with its classic shape.  It is a great planter for succulents or you can simply use it as a vase for your fresh cut flowers.The Vietnam concave glazed ceramic pot comes in several sizes and is perfect for displaying small and medium flowers and plants along the edge of your patio or lining your walkway. The small rectangle is ideal for windows, bringing the color and life of cascading plants to your favorite view, while the large rectangle can be placed on ledges or railings, or set on the ground against the wall of your home.

Our diverse selection includes our own pottery designs with highly styled unique containers to basic good sense garden pots.  You will also find birdbaths, garden spheres, pot feet, garden stools, herb planters, and strawberry jars. We currently export our products to many countries from Europe and North America to Australia. We meet all demands of worldwide customers for packaging and providing qualified products.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to discussing our collection with you.

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