Vietnam Tall Egg Glazed Pots are economical, popular and practical. Great Range of colours. We use the Largest in the range for Vireyas, ponytails and for the fragrant Murrayas.



Material                       Ceramic

Shape                           Round

Brand                            Hoang pottery  

Usage                            Indoor , Outdoor

Size                                Large 35cm Tall x 37cm Wide

Medium 28cm Tall x 30cm Wide

Small 23cm Tall x 23cm Wide

Very Large 41cm Tall x 45cm Wide

We are always on the lookout for reasonably priced, well-made, attractive pots and planters. The Tall Egg Glazed Pots is a great find – the perfect combination of form and function. Designed with plants in mind, but heavy on design and good-looks. 

Each pot has a built-in saucer for ease of watering. Sturdy and made to last, these pots will be an asset anywhere. The handsome mahogany glaze make these pots as attractive in a formal setting as in the garden. 

Filled with your gorgeous greenery and flowering plants, the Tall Egg Glazed Pots will add a dash of charm to your balcony, deck, or sun room. This top-rimmed, cylindrical planter is crafted of durable, lightweight poly resin plastic, giving it the look and feel of real clay you love, but without chipping and cracking. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use in any climate, this commercial-quality planter is UV-protected for complete fade resistance. Designed for use in the harshest climates, it will not crack or break during the freeze-and-thaw season.

Available in a variety of sizes and great colors, so you are sure to find the combination that works for you. You can also choose whether your planter comes with or without drainage holes. Get two or more of these versatile Tempe Planters in different sizes or colors, then let your gardening and decorating skills work their magic!

Hoang Pottery Company  has more than 20 years of experience in producing ceramic, terracotta & black-clay planters for both indoor & outdoor use. Specializing in glazed, painted, mosaic, sandblast, rustic and old stone ceramic planters. We also developed a wide range of terrazzo, zinc and polystone planters to meet the needs of various markets in the world. With a competitive price and stable quality and high assurance are also our strength points. Hoang Pottery Company has been well known and has had more and more customers from different markets in the world. Inheriting experiences from predecessors, we have a deep knowledge and wide experience in producing ceramic products. Moreover, we also have abilities to create wide ranges of diversity of skillful products.



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