The Vietnam large Tall Round Glazed pot looks stunning with a weeping Acacia “Limelight” hanging over its edges. A sleek pot that always seems to be in fashion.



Material                   Resin

Shape                        Round

Brand                       Hoang pottery

Size                           Large 59cm Tall x 43cm Wide

Medium 49cm Tall x 36cm Wide

Small 37cm Tall x 27cm Wide

Our Glazed Floral Pots add a splash of vibrant color to any great herb! Pot your favorite Rosemary, Lavender or Basil in these fun, decorative pots and enjoy the contrast they create with your favorite foliage. Terrific for culinary or medicinal herbs that you want to keep near for easy access, these primary-colored pots are perfect for accenting any decor. Complete with drainage hole and detachable saucer, try these bright, richly glazed pots indoors or out!

The Vietnam large Tall Round Glazed pot features simple double notching around its round sides and a thick top rim lip, which provide sturdiness and style. Crafted from an extremely resilient weather-resistant resin, this classic indoor or outdoor planter will never crack in winter or fade in summer, as it’s protected against harsh weather and ultraviolet rays

Hoang Pottery Company is a reliable destination for your pottery supply, as a one of the leading exporting and manufacturing establishments of gorgeous ornamental earthenware for Home and Garden in Vietnam, we now are able to serve our dear customers in the US, in Europe and in the most far-flung territories in the rest of the world with the greatest honor.

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